About Us

Team Members

Lou Gramm, Founder and President

Lou Gramm has one of the most recognizable voices in rock and roll.  He has made over a dozen gold and platinum albums and written close to 20 chart topping singles during his 50 year long career in music.  With the band Foreigner, Lou had international hits such as “Feels like the first time”, “Jukebox hero” and the worldwide number one single “I want to know what love is”.  His solo career began in the mid eighties and he had another Number 1 hit with “Midnight Blue”.  Over the years Lou worked with various charities, including Camp Good Days and the St.Jude foundation.  With his namesake foundation he hopes to give back in his own way, through programs that support music education and foster independent recording artists.  Lou hopes to change the world again through music, so let’s turn the music up!



Matthew Grammatico, Co-Founder and Vice President

Matthew is the son of Lou Gramm and the creative mind behind the Lou Gramm Foundation and it's cause of giving back to music education and supporting independent musicians.  He has worked along side his father and grew up with music in his life from an early age, as well as developing his own entrepreneurial spirit.  This foundation's cause and continuing his father's legacy are both deeply important to him.  He hopes that this foundation will positively impact the music world and those musicians who are needing a voice. 



Ali Solomon, Chief Operations Officer

Ali was born in Rochester, NY and a seasoned small business leader and U.S. Army veteran. Her background in business organization and finance includes charity event planning and social media management which will contribute to achieving the goals of the organization while overseeing day-to-day operations. Ali graduated with a Bachelor's of Business, Management and Economics, with minor in Accounting from Empire State University and currently pursuing a MBA.  Her previous roles focused on marketing management and strategic planning.